Appliance is unable to discover adapter


In HPE OneView 4.20 version or earlier, the appliance loses communication with the network adapter. The appliance displays one of the following errors:

Unable to associate a server hardware type with this server, since no port information was discovered for the server.


Unable to inventory the network adapters.

  • MCTP is disabled in HPE iLO.

  • An appliance service failed while communicating with the mezzanine card.

  • A communication issue with the iLO or mezzanine adapter.

  • A firmware flash process might be in progress.


Try the following, one at a time, until the problem is resolved.

  1. Verify that CPUs are installed in the sockets required to support the populated mezzanine slots, as described in the server hardware QuickSpecs document.
  2. Verify that the server hardware is configured with supported network adapters. See HPE OneView Support Matrix for HPE Synergy for supported network adapters.
  3. Verify on the iLO server that MCTP endpoints are not disabled for the entire server or on an individual mezzanine slot.
  4. If a firmware flash update is in progress, wait for a few minutes before retrying the operation.
  5. From HPE OneView, refresh the server.
  6. Update the adapter or iLO firmware with Smart Update Manager tool to boot and deploy Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) that is part of an HPE Synergy software release.
  7. Remove and reinsert the adapter within the server.
  8. If none of the options work, replace the adapter or server hardware.