Unable to remove a c7000 enclosure


You might be unable to remove a c7000 enclosure for the following reasons:

Lack of communication with the hardware during the remove action can prevent the appliance from being able to properly manage the interconnect, server hardware, and enclosure settings.

To forcibly remove an enclosure from the appliance due to lack of communication, see Forcibly remove an enclosure if a remove action fails .

  • The enclosure is not removed from the appliance. This is typically a problem on the appliance itself, and the best resolution is to follow instructions in the notification panels.

  • The enclosure is removed but due to a communication failure, the configuration requires manual intervention to correct.

If manual clean-up of the configuration is needed, investigate the following items:
  1. The management URL might still point to the appliance. If so, it needs to be reset to point at the first interconnect in the enclosure. To fix this, use the following ssh commands to go into the Onboard Administrator (using administrator credentials) and change the management URL to point to the first active VC interconnect's IP address. restart oa, where N is the bay number of the active This causes the OA to obtain the management URL from the first VC interconnect.
  2. The interconnects might still be claimed by the appliance. If this is the case, you have to remove the interconnects manually.