About blocking issues during migration

The following partial list of Virtual Connect features are considered blocking issues because they are not supported in HPE OneView. Blocking issues can also result when settings conflict between the Virtual Connect domain and the HPE OneView logical interconnect group into which the domain is being migrated. HPE OneView checks for these features and blocks the migration when these issues are found. Resolving an issue might require disabling a feature within Virtual Connect, changing a configuration in Virtual Connect, or in some cases, changing the HPE OneView logical interconnect group.

If a feature is required in your environment and your enclosure contains ProLiant G6 or later server blades, you might want to consider monitoring your enclosure.


VCEM-managed enclosures can be migrated to HPE OneView.

Blocking issues

  • Advanced SR-IOV 1

  • Auto-deployment

  • c3000 enclosures, ProLiant G1 through G6 server blades, Integrity blades, and Storage server blades

  • Ethernet, iSCSI, and FCoE connection speed type disabled

  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140–2) (VC enclosure in FIPS mode)

  • HPE OneView appliance in FIPS/CNSA mode

  • IGMP multicast filters and filter sets

  • More than 1,000 networks defined within the VC domain

  • Multiple enclosure stacked domains

  • Server VLANs mapped to alternate network VLANs


Blocking issue for mixing automatic and nonautomatic settings for in-service migration. However, for offline migration, settings are set to default (virtual functions are evenly spread across all physical functions).


Blocking issue for in-service migration only.


In general, for functions that are not required in your environment, disabling the function in VCM enables you to migrate the enclosure.

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