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HPE OneView — a secure virtual appliance that runs on a virtual machine (VM) host – enables you to comprehensively manage a converged data center throughout the hardware life cycle. HPE OneView makes it possible to easily monitor, configure, and manage physical and logical compute resources through either a GUI or by using REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs.

HPE OneView relies on a resource model that reduces complexity and simplifies the provisioning, management, and monitoring of your data center. This model includes logical resources — enclosures, interconnects, server profiles, templates, and groups — that, when applied to corresponding physical resources, provide flexible, repeatable configurations for use in your data center.


Where to find the information

Where can I learn more about HPE OneView features and how it enables me to manage my data center resources?

See “Learning about HPE OneView” in the HPE OneView User Guide

How is the resource model structured?

See “Understanding the Resource Model” in the HPE OneView User Guide

What security measures are in use on the appliance?

About security settings

How do I get started with configuring the appliance to manage my data center?

Quick Start: Initial configuration of HPE OneView

What tasks can I perform using the appliance user interface?

What can I do with HPE OneView?

Where can I find HPE OneView user guides and other manuals?


How do I submit documentation feedback to Hewlett Packard Enterprise?


What kind of help is available?

The user interface provides multiple access points into helpful guidance.

Tutorial tour: You can take the tour when it is automatically presented during first-time setup, or you can access the Tutorial any time from the Help sidebar.

Guided Setup: Guided setup helps you customize HPE OneView, allowing you to choose the resources you want to manage, and guides you through the steps to set up those resources. The setup also streamlines HPE OneView, hiding menus and dashboard panels for resources that you do not need in your view.

HPE OneView Help: To learn about resource configuration and management concepts, how to perform tasks to manage and monitor your hardware environment, and how to troubleshoot problems you might encounter during the life of your data center components, use the online help.

The help system is designed so that each resource is documented in its own chapter. The top of each help chapter contains a navigation box which directs you to:

  • Tasks you can perform with the user interface

  • "About" topics that provide conceptual background information to help you decide the configuration and management of resources
  • A resource screen details section, which defines field labels and values to assist you in entering data and using the interface

  • Links to more information

  • Troubleshooting information should you encounter a problem

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