Update Firmware

Screen component


Firmware baseline

Select the firmware bundle to install.

Select Manage manually if you want to manage the firmware using a tool other than HPE OneView.

See About firmware bundles for more information.

Update firmware for

Select the component to be updated.

Shared infrastructure

Shared infrastructure is that which is common to all the servers in the enclosure. This option updates selected enclosures and logical interconnects.

Shared infrastructure and profiles

The default value. This option updates selected enclosures, logical interconnects, server hardware without profiles, and server profiles.

Onboard Administrators only

This option updates only the enclosures.

If you update the logical enclosure firmware with the option Shared infrastructure and profiles or Shared infrastructure, servers set with the following options are asked to be powered off:
  • Server hardware which does not have server profiles assigned.

  • Server hardware which has profiles assigned, but whose firmware baseline is set in the server profile as managed manually or has been set to Firmware only.

Force re-installation or downgrade

This field displays when you select SPP baseline.

Select Force re-installation or downgrade if you want to install a firmware version older than the version currently installed or if you want to reapply the current firmware.


Forcing a firmware downgrade might leave the server unusable and might result in slower installation speeds.

Interconnect activation

Firmware activation for logical interconnects.

This field is not displayed if you select Onboard Administrators only in the Update firmware for field.


If you select Orchestrated, a non-disruptive firmware update is attempted for the logical enclosure.

The following options are displayed when there is a validation warning while performing the orchestrated interconnect activation.


Firmware update will be attempted.


Firmware update will not proceed.


Activates all interconnect modules at the same time. This method is the most disruptive and can cause network and storage connectivity outages.


Firmware updates using parallel activation must be performed during a maintenance window.

Affected Components

The enclosure name or the name of the component within the enclosure.

The server hardware without profiles is displayed last in the list.


The component for which the firmware status is displayed.

The location of the devices is displayed in gray.


The version of firmware installed on the component.


The version of firmware to be updated.

  • If OK is displayed, the selected baseline firmware is already installed.

  • If Update to is displayed, the firmware update action will update the component to this version.

  • If blank is displayed, the server profiles are without baselines.

  • The server profiles with baselines are displayed along with the associated server hardware.