Quick Start: Configuring SAN storage

While a Storage administrator must have already completed some storage configuration tasks outside of HPE OneView, additional configuration is needed to prepare the storage hardware for management and resource allocation within a connected ring of enclosures managed by HPE OneView.

This Quick Start can be used with the following data center configurations.

  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ hardware with Fibre Channel direct connect, fabric connect, or FCoE interfaces

  • HPE StoreVirtual hardware with Ethernet iSCSI connections

  • HPE Nimble hardware with Ethernet iSCSI connections

In addition, storage system(s) must be preconfigured with storage pools and policies for initial use.

NOTE: Changes that occur on a storage system after being imported into HPE OneView are added to HPE OneView records whenever there is a periodic or explicit refresh of the storage system in HPE OneView.
  1. If Fibre Channel will be used, prepare Fibre Channel configuration to interface with storage.
    1. Add a SAN manager to HPE OneView.
    2. Edit a SAN to set the zoning policy.
    3. Associate a network with a managed SAN to change the status of the SAN from discovered to managed.

    The following steps apply to all storage systems or their configuration.

  2. Import or Add a storage system, during which you can select storage pools to come into HPE OneView as managed or discovered.
  3. Create a volume template.
  4. Add a volume from a storage system.
  5. Create volumes within HPE OneView.

    SAN storage is now configured for use in server profiles and server profile templates.

    The following instructions assume that the SAN storage configuration is selected initially in a server profile template for later application into one or more server profiles.

  6. Configure volume attachments and add volumes to a server profile template.