About Brocade Fabric OS (FOS) switch SAN manager

You can use HPE OneView to perform SAN auto-zoning with Broadcom Brocade Fibre Channel switch fabrics. With the addition of a Brocade FOS switch SAN manager, an alternative management path along with BNA is available to configure SAN zoning using the FOS REST API of the Brocade switch.

A Brocade FOS switch SAN manager exchanges data with a single physical switch. The FOS SAN manager discovers all SAN fabrics that are configured in the logically defined fabric for the switch.

To discover multiple SANs, manage zoning configuration from the HPE OneView UI. With HPE OneView, you can choose which physical switch to associate with a particular SAN manager. However, each fabric can only be managed by one of the SAN managers discovering the fabric.

When choosing the physical switch to associate with a SAN manager, consider the following:
  • Which switch is most robust.

  • Which switch will undergo fewer changes.

  • Which is a member of most of the SAN fabrics which you want to be discovered by HPE OneView. Therefore, minimizing the number of SAN managers you create.

HPE OneView Brocade SAN management