About Smart Update Tools

An operating system (OS) utility, Smart Update Tools (SUT) provide the ability to perform both firmware and OS driver updates online without the need to have credentials in HPE OneView and without any degradation to production network speed. Combining firmware and driver updates allows changes that require a server reboot to be managed within a normal maintenance window, resulting in less downtime during a scheduled maintenance window.

SUT contains varying levels of control:
  • Fully Automatic

  • Semi-automatic

  • OnDemand or manual updates


When Smart Update Tools runs an update operation, there is no option for aborting the operation because doing so would leave the system in an inconsistent state and can make the server unstable. SUT either completes the current operation or it does not start the update operation. HPE OneView does not stop the currently running operation.

The HPE OneView Infrastructure administrator and the Smart Update Tools OS administrator have separate responsibilities:
  • HPE OneView Infrastructure administrator must define the desired state using the firmware options in the server profile.

  • Smart Update Tools OS administrator runs SUT to take the hardware server to the desired state.