About volume sets

A collection of volumes is referred to as volume set in HPE OneView. Volume sets are used to govern data-protection policies, such as snapshot and replication schedules. For HPE Nimble storage, the corresponding terminology for "volume sets" is "data protection volume collections".

Volumes that hold multiple components of an application, such as databases and transaction logs, can be grouped into a volume set.

Volume sets, schedules and snapshots

A volume set includes a set of schedules to create snapshots of each associated volume at a specified interval. Snapshots are captured synchronously to assure a consistent backup of the entire application environment. In general, each application uses a different volume set. Volume sets can contain multiple schedules, which affect all volumes assigned to the set. These schedules are additive, so when schedules overlap, snapshots and replicas are created for every schedule.

Volume sets and HPE Nimble storage

Currently, all volume sets for HPE Nimble must be defined on the HPE Nimble storage using the Nimble administrative console. Newly created "data protection volume collections" are detected and imported into HPE OneView as volume sets whenever a system refresh occurs. A snapshot schedule (frequency) is defined in association with the volume set.

More information

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