Activity statuses

The status represented for all HPE OneView resources represents the status for that single resource and does not represent the roll-up status of sub-components. For example, the status for an enclosure does not aggregate status for all server blades and servers, but rather just the status of the enclosure (Onboard Administrator, fans, and power supplies).




A critical alert message was received, or a task failed or was interrupted.

Investigate Critical status activities immediately.


An event occurred that might require your attention. A warning can mean that something is not correct within the appliance and it needs your attention.

Investigate Warning status activities immediately.


For an alert, OK indicates normal behavior or information from a resource.

For a task, OK indicates that it completed successfully.


The status of the alert or task is unknown.

The status of a task that is set to run at a later time is Unknown.


A task was prevented from continuing or completing.