Effects of managing a c7000 enclosure

When an enclosure is being managed by HPE OneView, the following enclosure settings are in effect:

  • A management account is created.

  • SNMP is enabled and the appliance is added as an SNMP trap destination.

  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) is enabled and the appliance becomes the NTP time source.

  • The NTP default polling interval is set to 8 hours.

  • An appliance certificate is installed to enable single sign-on operations.

  • Enclosure firmware management is disabled (except for monitored enclosures).

  • Virtual Connect Manager is disabled on the Virtual Connect interconnects in this enclosure.

  • When adding an enclosure with an SPP, the Onboard Administrator (OA) and interconnect firmware updates to match the version in the SPP. The baseline is also set on each of the logical interconnects in the enclosure.