Add existing hypervisor to hypervisor cluster profile

You can import additional hypervisors into the hypervisor cluster profile by adding existing hypervisors. Use this option if you are deploying the hypervisor OS on the server nodes outside of HPE OneView. This option helps you to deploy and manage hypervisor clusters using the hypervisor OS deployment tool of your choice.

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator, Server administrator, Server profile architect, or Server profile administrator.

  • Ensure that a hypervisor OS is deployed on the server nodes managed by HPE OneView.

  • Ensure that the server nodes have the same server hardware type as specified in the server profile template associated to a hypervisor cluster profile.

  • Ensure that these hypervisors are added to hypervisor manager using the hypervisor manager interface.

  1. In the details pane, select a hypervisor cluster profile and select Actions > Edit.
  2. On the Edit Hypervisor Cluster Profile screen, under Hypervisors section, select Add Hypervisors.
  3. Select the servers to import existing hypervisors.
  4. Click Add or Add + to add multiple hypervisors to the cluster.
  5. Verify that the hypervisors are added to the cluster by confirming that they are listed under Hypervisors.