Add hypervisor manager

Adding a hypervisor manager enables you to manage multiple hypervisors and hypervisor clusters from HPE OneView and maintains consistent configuration information across server nodes and hypervisors.

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator

  • Ensure that the vCenter server user has the necessary privileges.

  1. From the main menu, select HYPERVISORS > Hypervisor Managers.
  2. Select + Add hypervisor manager.
  3. Enter the data requested on the screen.
  4. Click Add to register the hypervisor manager, or click Add + to register multiple hypervisors managers.
    A pop-up dialog prompting the user to trust the certificate appears.
    • The trust certificate dialog does not appear when you add certificates using the Manage certificates GUI.

    • It is mandatory to add the trust certificate to the HPE OneView trust store.

    • To obtain the vCenter CA certificates, navigate to https://vcenterip and click Download trusted root CA certificates. Extract the zip file, and upload the root CA certificate and CRL file to HPE OneView.

  5. Click one of the following:
    1. Yes, trust to add the certificate to HPE OneView trust store.

      The hypervisor manager add task resumes after the certificate is trusted.

    2. Cancel to return to the Add hypervisor manager page.
  6. Verify that the hypervisor manager is listed on the master pane.

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