About applying SPPs as baselines

To establish a desired version for firmware and drivers across devices, you can apply SPPs as baselines to enclosures, interconnects, and server profiles. You can download an SPP from http://www.hpe.com/servers/spp/download to your local system. You can then upload it to the firmware bundle repository on the appliance. Each SPP deliverable contains the Smart Update Manager and firmware smart components. Managing firmware for the whole enclosure can be initiated from the Enclosures screen. Logical interconnect firmware can be updated from the Logical Interconnects screen. From the Server Profiles screen, you can set the firmware baseline for the assigned server hardware. The appliance identifies firmware compatibilities issues, highlighting out-of-compliance devices for updates with the selected firmware baseline.


Starting from the SPP version 2017.04, Gen7 server firmware components are not included in SPPs. To add Gen7 hardware with iLO 3 firmware version less than 1.61, add SPP 2016.10 or previous versions into HPE OneView.

For c7000 enclosures, select Manage manually if you want to manage the firmware using another tool.

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