Edit Backup screen details

Screen component


Remote Backup Location
Enable remote backup location

Check box to enable or disable automatic remote backups.

If disabled, the remainder of this screen is hidden.

Transfer protocol

The transfer protocol to be used. The choices are Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Secure Copy Protocol (SCP).

IP address or host name

The network location where the backup file will be stored. This value must be either a valid IP address or a valid fully qualified domain name.


The name of the folder in the user’s home directory on the host. The backup files will be stored in this folder.

If the text field is blank, the default SCP/SFTP folder (the user’s home holder or directory) is used to store the backup file.

Data type:

Alphanumeric characters, underscore (_) and hyphen (-) characters only.

Do not use forward slash (/) or space characters in the folder name.

User name

The user account to be used for the automatic transfer.


The password for the user account.

This parameter is required for configuration and whenever the user name or password for the account changes.

SSH host key

The public key used by the SSH server daemon on the remote backup SSH server to process incoming connections.

The SSH host key must be specified in the OpenSSH public key format.

The SSH server configuration determines how this key is stored. For example, if RSA keys are used, and if the remote host runs Linux, OpenSSH stores the host key in /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key.pub.


Do not use the user keys configured on the remote SSH server to enable outbound connections with client programs such as ssh, scp, or sftp.


Menu selection that sets the how often the backup will be taken:

  • Not set

  • Daily

    Reveals the Time field when selected.

  • Weekly

    Reveals corresponding checkboxes and the Time field when selected.


Text field for setting the time of day for the transfer to occur.