Checklist: connecting a server to a data center network

The following configuration elements are required for a server to connect to a data center network. The server must have a networking mezzanine card in a slot corresponding to the location of the Virtual Connect interconnects in the enclosure.

Configuration requirement

Why you need it

A logical interconnect group must be defined

A logical interconnect group defines the standard configurations to be used for the interconnects in the enclosure.

Determine if you want to define single or multiple logical interconnect groups for the enclosure.

At least one uplink set must be added to the logical interconnect group, with at least one network and one uplink port

The uplink set determines which data center networks are permitted to send traffic over which physical uplink ports. It defines the networks that are to be accessible from this logical interconnect and which uplink ports can accept traffic from which networks.

An enclosure group must be defined and associated with one or more logical interconnect groups

The enclosure group specifies a standard configuration for all of its member enclosures and identifies its member logical interconnect groups. The enclosure group defines the logical interconnect configurations in the physical enclosure through the logical interconnect groups.

Enclosure must belong to a logical enclosure

The logical enclosure identifies the enclosure group for the enclosure and the associated logical interconnect groups and logical interconnects.

Server profile must be assigned to server hardware

The server hardware provides the physical connections to at least one interconnect that is part of the logical interconnect.

Server profile must have at least one connection, which must specify a network or network set

You do not have to know the hardware configuration, but you do have to choose an available network or network set to specify which networks the server is to use.