About tagged Ethernet networks

A tagged Ethernet network contains multiple networks on a single uplink set which allows you to share uplinks with those networks. A tagged network uses virtual LANs (VLANs), allowing multiple networks to use the same physical connections. By sharing physical uplinks, you can separate traffic streams from different servers using the same set of uplinks.


Tagged Ethernet and FCoE networks that are connected to enclosure interconnects require a VLAN ID. VLAN ID is an integer greater than or equal to 1 and less than or equal to 4094. When editing a tagged or FCoE networks, the VLAN ID is shown. If you do not know which VLAN IDs have been assigned, contact your network administrator.

  • You can add multiple Ethernet networks that use the same VLAN ID.  This capability is required for logical interconnects that use an active/active configuration.

  • Each network name in the appliance must be unique.

For tagged Ethernet networks, you can enter a combination of values or ranges to add networks in bulk, for example: 113, 114, 200-300.

When creating multiple tagged networks at the same time, the VLAN ID is appended to the Name. For example, if you entered Dev for the Name and 100–102 for the VLAN ID, the system creates networks Dev_100, Dev_101, and Dev_102.

Subnet IDs

For both tagged and untagged Ethernet networks, all the subnets that are not currently associated with any VLAN are listed. If the selected VLAN ID is already used by another network and there is an associated subnet, it lists only the configured subnet.

Subnet IDs cannot be assigned when a valid VLAN ID is not specified or when creating networks in bulk. When editing a network with an associated subnet, if the associated subnet is changed, validation will fail if any IP addresses are in use in the current subnet.

Tagged Ethernet networks and network sets

You can assign multiple tagged Ethernet networks to a named group called a network set. Later, when you add a connection in a server profile, you can select this network set to enable multiple networks to be selected for that single connection. Any change made to a network set is applied to all server profiles using the network set.