Adding an enclosure

When you add an enclosure to be managed by the appliance, you might need to make configuration changes to the following resources:

  • Enclosures

    Add the enclosure to be managed.

  • Enclosure Groups

    Every managed enclosure must be a member of an enclosure group. If you do not choose an existing enclosure group, you must create one when you add the enclosure.

  • Logical Enclosures

    Logical enclosures maintain configurations of enclosures that are linked together. Use logical enclosures for firmware updates, OA scripting, and making the enclosures consistent with changes made from the enclosure group.

  • Logical Interconnects and Logical Interconnect Groups

    Logical interconnects and logical interconnect groups define the network connectivity for the managed enclosure. Enclosure groups must specify a logical interconnect group. When you create an enclosure group, if you do not specify an existing logical interconnect group, you must create one. For a server connected to a logical interconnect to access a network, the logical interconnect group you create must have an uplink set that includes a connection to that network.

  • Server Profiles

    Adding and assigning server profiles to the server blades in the managed enclosure is not required at the time you add the enclosure, but to use the server blades in a managed enclosure, you must assign server profiles to them. To access a network, the server profile must include a connection to that network or a network set that includes that network.

For a summary of the tasks you complete when adding a managed enclosure and connect its server blades to data center networks, see Quick Start: Add a c7000 enclosure with a single logical interconnect group.