Configuring a c7000 enclosure and server blade for direct attach to an HPE 3PAR Storage System





  1. Add the Fibre Channel direct attach networks.

  • When you add the networks from the Networks screen:

    • For Type, select Fibre Channel

    • For Fabric type, select direct attach

Logical Interconnect Groups
  1. Create a logical interconnect group that defines the uplink sets for the direct attach network connections.

  • Choose a name for the logical interconnect group that helps you distinguish logical interconnect groups that have connections to direct attach Fibre Channel networks from other logical interconnect groups.

  • You add uplink sets as part of creating the logical interconnect group. Ensure that the uplink sets use the uplink ports on the enclosure that are physically connected to the HPE 3PAR Storage Server.

Enclosure Groups
  1. Create an enclosure group.

  • Choose a name that helps you distinguish enclosures that use direct attach Fibre Channel connections from enclosures that use fabric attach Fibre Channel connections.

  1. Add the enclosure.

  • Select Add enclosure for management.

  • Select the enclosure group that you added in the preceding step.

  • Select a firmware baseline and an HPE OneView Advanced licensing option.

Server Profiles
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Create a server profile and assign it to the server hardware.

    • Copy a server profile, edit it as necessary, and then assign it to the server hardware.

  2. After you configure the HPE 3PAR Storage System, power on the server hardware.

  • For a server blade to connect to the HPE 3PAR Storage System, it must have a server profile assigned to it, and that server profile must include at least one connection to the direct attach Fibre Channel network that connects to the storage system.

  • For example, if the networks you added are Direct A and Direct B, ensure that the server profile has one connection to the Direct A network and one connection to the Direct B network.

  • You enable SAN storage through the server profile, in addition to other configuration settings. You must add storage systems, add storage volumes, and then attach to volumes when you create the profile.


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