Configure a Brocade switch for management using FOS API

A Brocade switch must be configured to manage SAN zoning in HPE OneView.

The steps in this task are performed in the Command-line interface(CLI) of the switch.

  • Run the switch in Native switch mode and not in Access Gateway mode with NPIV.
  • For HPE OneView to access the switch and to perform zone configuration changes, configure the Brocade FOS switch with username and password.
  • Ensure that the FOS REST API is enabled and HPE OneView can connect to it.
  1. To re-enable the FOS REST interface if disabled, enter mgmtapp --enable REST.

    The FOS REST API is enabled by default.

  2. Configure the Brocade FOS switch to allow all sessions of HPE OneView instances to configure switch zoning.

    Each HPE OneView Brocade FOS switch SAN Manager uses one REST session on the switch. The maximum sessions per switch are 3, by default. To set the maximum session count to 4, enter mgmtapp --config -maxrestsession 4 .

  3. Create the fabrics on the switch for HPE OneView to discover.

    HPE OneView will name the discovered SANs using the Fabric Name configured on the Brocade switch.

  4. Validate in HPE OneView, under STORAGE > SAN Managers that you can manage the configured switch.

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