View the peak temperature of racks in a data center

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator.

  • You have created a data center and positioned your racks in it.

  • The placement of racks in your data center accurately depicts their physical locations.

  • You have specified a thermal limit for your rack using the Racks screen, if your policy dictates a limit (optional).

  1. From the main menu, select FACILITIES > Data Centers.
  2. In the master pane, select the data center you want to view and scroll to the Layout pane.
  3. To view the peak temperature of a rack in the last 24 hours, hover your pointer over the rack.

    A tooltip menu opens, displaying the peak temperature for the last 24 hours and when it occurred.

  4. Click a rack or click the view details link on the rack tooltip menu to view color-coded visualizations of the devices in the rack.

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