Disable trunking configuration

Make sure that redundant SAN I/O paths exist for all active servers.
  1. Remove the trunk areas on the upstream Brocade switch (see the Brocade Administrator guide for further details). For each uplink set, on the odd numbered bays, use the following steps to remove the trunk area on the Brocade Switch.
    NOTE: An outage occurs on each uplink set and Fibre Channel network while the ports are disabled to remove the trunk area.
    1. Disable the ports connected to the uplink set using the portdisable command.
    2. Disable the port trunk area for the ports using the porttrunkarea --disable <port-range> command.
    3. Enable the ports using the portenable command.
    4. Verify that a trunk is no longer formed using the trunkshow command to display all trunks on the switch.
    5. Repeat these steps for each remaining uplink set.
  2. Edit the logical interconnect groups and update the uplink set for the even numbered bays only. Make sure to disable trunking on each uplink set.
  3. For each logical interconnect associated with the logical interconnect group, perform an update from group to make the logical interconnect consistent with the logical interconnect group.
  4. Repeat the above steps for the even numbered bays.