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Sending email address

Enter the email address for the appliance. This email address appears as the From or Sender line of the email message sent.





  • If passwords are required for email accounts, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends creating a dedicated email account solely for email notification of alerts.

  • The appliance detects the SMTP server from the domain specified in this email address.

    If authentication is not enabled in the SMTP server, you can specify a dummy user name. However, the specified domain must be valid.

  • You can choose to specify the SMTP server and port information separately in the SMTP options portion of this screen. If you do, the appliance uses that information and does not try to detect the SMTP server from the email address.

  • The SMTP server host name and IP address details are discovered from the

    mx records of the DNS server. The port number is assumed to be the standard SMTP port, 25.

    You can confirm if the mx records are configured on DNS by running the command

    set q=mx followed by domain name on the nslookuputility.

    However, some DNS servers might use a round robin schedule so the retrieved list could change every time the query is run. If the mx records in DNS server are missing or if the DNS is not reachable, configure SMTP manually.

    If the SMTP server is using a nonstandard port, configure it manually.


The password for the sending email address.

You need to supply a password if your SMTP server requires authentication. The appliance verifies the credentials using the SMTP LOGIN authentication mechanism.


Passwords are sent in clear text because this feature does not support TLS/SSL for SMTP sessions.

Connection security
The security setting of the sending email address.

Encrypted and trusted.



None(Plain text)

Not encrypted or trusted.

SMTP options
SMTP server

Optional. The fully qualified domain name or IP address of the SMTP server that manages the appliance email traffic.

SMTP port

Optional. The port number used for SMTP traffic.

Alert filters
Alert email

Option switch that lets you enable or disable the email notification feature entirely.

Optionally, you can enable or disable an individual recipient/filter entry instead.


If filters are already configured, they are listed by name and the screen indicates if they are individually enabled or disabled.

Add email filter

Opens the Add Alert Email Filter screen so that you can add an email filter.

Add remote support email filter

Opens the Add Remote Support Email Filter screen so that you can add a remote support email filter.


This button is available, if HPE Remote Support is enabled in Settings > Remote Support or a remote support email filter is unavailable.