About migrating c7000 enclosures managed by other management systems

Enclosures managed by VCM (Virtual Connect Manager) or VCEM (Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager) can be migrated into HPE OneView. Migration recreates the configuration information for an enclosure including hardware, Virtual Connect domain, networks, and server profiles (including MAC addresses and WWNs in the profile connections).

Up to four single enclosure domains managed by VCM can be migrated simultaneously to HPE OneView through the UI or REST API.

VCEM-managed enclosures can be prepared for migration to HPE OneView through the VCEM GUI or a PowerShell module.


HPE OneView does not support G6 server blades for migration or management. You can replace the G6 server blades with a G7 or later blade, or you can monitor the enclosure.

When you add an enclosure to be migrated, you can specify an enclosure group or create a new enclosure group. Once migrated, the enclosure is considered a managed enclosure.

Test compatibility

HPE OneView analyzes the Virtual Connect (VC) configuration, compares it to HPE OneView parameters, and the enclosure group, if selected. Conflicts, incompatibilities, and warnings are identified and shown on a report.


The Migration Details screen displays only when you are adding migrated enclosures and is a summary of the migration report. The migration report is the detailed report.

Each Migration acknowledgment must be read and checked to proceed with the migration.

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