About managed c7000 enclosures

Adding an enclosure for management enables you to apply configurations, deploy server profiles, monitor operation status, collect statistics, and alert users to specific conditions. There are different ways to add a managed enclosure into HPE OneView.
  • Add an enclosure that is new to your environment (one that is not managed by another system). Any existing configuration settings are erased and not brought into HPE OneView.
  • Migrate an enclosure if it is managed by Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) so that the existing configuration is captured and recreated in HPE OneView.

You can forcibly add an enclosure from another management system. However, it removes all current configuration settings where it is currently being managed, and does not import the configuration settings into HPE OneView.

Adding or migrating an enclosure for management requires an HPE OneView Advanced or an HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO license.

ProLiant G6 and ProLiant G7 BL680c server blades

If you add an enclosure for management that contains ProLiant G6 server blade or a ProLiant BL680c server blade, the following occurs:
  • These server blades are added to HPE OneView in a Monitored state.

  • The HPE OneView Standard license is automatically applied to these servers only, even though they are in a managed enclosure.

  • Firmware for these servers is not updated during the enclosure add. The server firmware must be updated manually (outside of HPE OneView) after adding the enclosure.

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