Connectivity and synchronization with HPE OneView

HPE OneView monitors the connectivity status of enclosures. If HPE OneView loses connectivity with an enclosure, a notification is displayed until connectivity is restored. HPE OneView attempts to resolve connectivity issues and clears the alert automatically, but if it is unsuccessful, you must resolve the issue and manually refresh the enclosure to synchronize it.

HPE OneView also makes sure the enclosures are synchronized with changes to hardware and configuration settings. However, some changes to enclosures made outside of HPE OneView (from OA, for example) might cause the enclosure to lose synchronization. You might have to manually refresh an enclosure that lose synchronization with HPE OneView.

You can manually synchronize an enclosure with HPE OneView by refreshing the enclosure from the Enclosures screen. Refreshing an enclosure will refresh all devices in it.

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