Before migrating c7000 enclosures

Before you start the migration process, plan the migration. See "Planning for enclosure migration from VCM into HPE OneView" in the HPE OneView User Guide to make sure certain requirements, such as backing up the VCM configuration, are met.

The migration process is illustrated by the following figure.

Migration process

Automated functions

Once the compatibility issues have been addressed and the migration takes place, HPE OneView validates the configuration information and then automatically performs the following functions:

  • Creates networks and network sets.

  • Creates a Logical Interconnect Group or uses an existing group.

  • Creates an Enclosure Group or uses an existing group.

  • Creates server profiles unassigned to servers but associated to server hardware types. The newly created HPE OneView server profiles retain the same MACs and WWNs used in the corresponding VCM server profiles.

  • Imports the enclosure and adds physical resources such as interconnects and servers.

  • Assigns server profiles.

  • For in-service migration, interconnects are reconfigured sequentially during the migration, overwriting the VCM configuration with the HPE OneView configuration. With a redundant configuration, HPE OneView detects the loss of connectivity for an interconnect and redirects traffic to the alternate path.

At the end of the migration, the Virtual Connect domain is no longer available in VCM.

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