Migrating an enclosure managed by VCM

  • Privileges: HPE OneView Infrastructure administrator, Onboard Administrator (OA), and VCM Domain Administrator.
  • OA and VCM credentials as well as the OA IP address for the enclosure.

  • For VCEM-managed enclosures: VCEM credentials to remove the Virtual Connect domain from the domain group using the VCEM web interface, or the HPE PowerShell module.

  • Back up and secure the VCM configuration (including the output from show config -includepoolinfo).

  • Review the HPE OneView Support Matrix and verify the enclosure contains supported servers, interconnect modules, and mezzanine cards.

  • Prerequisites for bringing a c7000 enclosure into HPE OneView that must be in place.

  • Assign server profiles before the migration or recreate server profiles after the migration, if applicable.

  • Ensure network connectivity with OA and iLOs in the Virtual Connect domain.

  • Ensure all interconnect modules are present and powered on within the enclosure.

  1. From the main menu, select Enclosures and do one of the following:
    • Click + Add enclosure in the master pane.

    • Select Actions > Add.

  2. Select Add enclosure and migrate Virtual Connect domain.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • OA IP address or host name of the Virtual Connect enclosure

    • Your OA credentials (user name and password)

  4. Enter the data requested on the screen.

    To migrate to a new enclosure group, select Create new enclosure group.

    To migrate to an existing enclosure group, select one from the enclosure group list.

  5. Click Test compatibility.

    A report summary displays under Migration Details.

  6. Does the summary indicate errors?
    1. Yes. Click migration report to view and resolve any blocking issues.
    2. No. Review each acknowledgment.

      Each acknowledgment must be read in full (clicking each learn more link where applicable). After understanding the implications, check each acknowledgement to proceed with the migration.

  7. Is this an offline migration?
    1. Yes, power off the servers in the enclosure that is being migrated.
    2. No, proceed to the next step.
  8. Do you want to migrate another enclosure?
    1. Yes. Click Add+.
      The migration for the current enclosure is started. When the HPE OneView resources (enclosure group, logical interconnect group, networks, network sets, server hardware types, and server profiles) have been created for the current enclosure, the Add Enclosure screen prompts you to add the OA IP address for the next enclosure.

      If the maximum number of four simultaneous migrations has been reached, an error displays indicating to wait until the number of migrations is below four.

    2. No. Click Add.

      The migration for the current enclosure is started and the Activities screen displays showing the migration tasks.

      If the migration is successful, the migration task shows Completed. If not, follow the proposed resolution.

  9. Perform post-migration tasks.

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