Perform post-migration tasks

  1. Was the migration an offline migration?
    1. Yes, power on the servers in the migrated enclosure.
    2. No, proceed to the next step.
  2. Optional: Recreate server profiles in HPE OneView, if server profiles were not assigned to server hardware before migration.
    1. Recreate the server profiles using the information from the VCMCLI show config –includepoolinfo captured before the migration.
    2. Enter the MAC, WWN, Serial Number, UUID information as “user specified” to retain the same values in HPE OneView that were present in the VCM server profile.
  3. Perform the following best practices:
    1. Back up the new configuration in HPE OneView.

    2. Test network and storage connectivity.

    3. Plan a reboot if one of the acknowledgments, such as an SR-IOV virtual function configuration, indicated a change which would impact your operation.


      During an in-service migration, some changes do not take effect until the servers are rebooted for the first time following a migration.