About unmanaged and unsupported c7000 enclosures

Unmanaged enclosures

An unmanaged enclosure is one that is not currently managed or monitored by HPE OneView.

Firmware that does not meet the minimum requirements can cause an enclosure to be unmanaged.

Unsupported enclosures

An unsupported enclosure cannot be managed by HPE OneView. However, you can place unsupported enclosures in racks. Adding unsupported enclosures to HPE OneView enables you to account for the physical space the enclosure occupies in a rack for planning and inventory purposes.

If you have an enclosure with G6 ProLiant server blades, consider adding the enclosure as monitored instead of unsupported. ProLiant G7 or later server blades can be managed in HPE OneView.

HPE OneView displays basic information about unsupported enclosures, such as the model name, Onboard Administrator name, and the number of OAs in the enclosure.

You can specify the maximum power for the unsupported enclosure, which allows you to define its power capacity and enables HPE OneView to generate alerts when maximum capacity is reached.

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