About enclosure configuration options


The name of the logical enclosure that is associated with the enclosure. When the name of an enclosure changes, the server hardware and the interconnects are assigned the new name.

For c7000 enclosures, you can also change the name through the Onboard Administrator.


Renaming the enclosure does not change the logical interconnect name. The logical interconnect name changes if the logical enclosure name changes.


The license type is automatically applied when new server hardware is inserted into the enclosure.— HPE OneView Advanced, HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO, or HPE OneView Standard.


The Partitions panel displays the hard partitions in an HPE Integrity Superdome X enclosure. A hard partition comprises one or more server blades which work together as a single server. Each partition in the enclosure is shown and is associated with server hardware.

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