Update the logical enclosure configuration from the enclosure group

Update a logical enclosure to ensure that it matches the configuration of its parent enclosure group. Non-compliance results in an alert for the logical enclosure.

Update from group updates the logical enclosure configuration to match the enclosure group, clearing the current configuration of the logical enclosure. Then, the new logical enclosure configuration is applied to all the enclosures associated with the logical enclosure.


If you want to reapply the settings of the logical enclosure to the physical enclosure and interconnects (including the logical interconnects), perform the reapply configuration action.

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator.

  • The Update from group action is only available when the logical enclosure is in an inconsistent state.

  • If the OS deployment settings are defined in the enclosure group, the Image Streamer appliances within the logical enclosure are connected to compatible and supported frame link modules.

  1. From the SERVERS > Logical Enclosures screen, select the logical enclosure you want to update.
  2. Select Actions > Update from group.
  3. If necessary, review the resources affected by this action.
  4. Click Yes, update to confirm.
  5. To verify that the activity is successful, check the activity for a green status in the Notifications area.

    If not, follow the proposed resolution listed under Details in the Notifications area.