About reserved VLAN pools

A reserved VLAN pool is a range of VLANs used for allocation of non-tagged networks:

  • Tunnel

  • Untagged

Tagged networks and FCoE networks use VLANs outside of the reserved pool. You cannot use a reserved VLAN for tagged or FCoE networks.

The VLAN pool allows the number of available VLANs to be segregated between tagged and non-tagged networks. Because non-tagged networks use VLANs for internal translation resources, a reserved VLAN pool can provide a sufficient number of VLANs available for allocation of those internal VLANs. In addition, the reserved pool range removes the need for translation resources to be used on tagged networks.

For networking maximums, see the HPE OneView Support Matrix.

Creating and managing a reserved VLAN pool

A reserved VLAN pool is unique within a fabric, but independently allocated within each logical interconnect. The reserved range is identical across all logical interconnects within a fabric. The remaining VLANs (outside of the pool) are shared among all the logical interconnects within the fabric.

  • For HPE OneView running on a virtual appliance, the default range starts at 4094 and the size is 0.

The size of the pool cannot exceed 128 VLANs.