About FIPS or CNSA compatibility report

When you are considering switching the cryptography mode for your appliance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you run the compatibility report to check for compatibility issues for a chosen cryptography mode. Compatibility reports contain information about the behavior of devices and external servers managed or configured by HPE OneView. The report lists the various resources (storage devices, network devices, servers, enclosures) managed by HPE OneView that are not compatible with the chosen cryptography mode.

You can use the compatibility reports to:
  • Determine the impact of the mode switch on various resources, such as, the appliance certificates, external servers and managed devices.

  • Understand the actions recommended to be taken before switching the cryptography mode of the appliance. Examples:
    • Re-importing a higher strength certificate signed by your certificate authority (CA).

    • Configuring the managed device or external server to be compliant with the cryptography mode of HPE OneView.

  • Determine the devices or class of devices that cannot be managed by HPE OneView in the target mode. For example, managing c7000 enclosures is not supported when HPE OneView is in the FIPS or CNSA mode.