About uploading and using hotfixes

Hewlett Packard Enterprise sometimes releases component hotfixes between main SPP releases. Hewlett Packard Enterprise notifies that a hotfix is available to upload and provides details about the SPP to which the hotfix applies. You can create a custom SPP in HPE OneView using the base SPP and a hotfix.

Starting with HPE OneView 5.0, hotfix inventories do not show up for the following SPP versions:
  • SPP 2016.04.0 or earlier

  • Any SPPs containing SUM 7.5.0 or earlier

In this case, you must use SUM 7.6.0 or newer to build a custom SPP, and add it HPE OneView.

Gen10 firmware hotfixes are released along with a signature file. Upload the corresponding signature file to HPE OneView to use the hotfixes for creating a custom SPP. An error message is displayed if you upload a Gen10 firmware hotfix without its signature file.

The new SPP can be used to set the baseline on the various managed resources in HPE OneView. If a hotfix pertains to a managed resource that is already on the baseline, then the hotfix alone is applied.


If the firmware update target system is Linux OS, the HPE ProLiant System ROM version listed is the ROM Linux hotfix component. If not, the latest ROM version updated in the SPP bundle is listed.