Summary view of firmware compliance

HPE OneView provides a summary view in the form of a bar chart that displays an overall count of compliance mismatches and status of all the latest and pending firmware updates.

The summary view and the compliance information are available at the following levels:

  • Global level compliance: Accessible from the HPE OneView Dashboard, the summary shown is based on all the firmware bundles available in the system.

    • Shows the compliance mismatch count for all the firmware bundles available to HPE OneView.
  • Firmware bundle compliance: Accessible for each firmware bundle from Firmware Bundles > Firmware Compliance. The compliance mismatch count shown is with respect to the specific firmware bundle.


All the firmware bundles from both the repositories, internal and external, are accounted for compliance.

Each hardware can be counted more than once in the global count. This event happens when there are multiple firmware bundles available in the HPE OneView repository, and the server has a pending update for more than one firmware bundle.

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