Download firmware compliance reports

HPE OneView enables you to download compliance reports for the firmware updates. You can select filters, apply the required filters, get a filtered report, and then download the report.


Privileges: Available to all users.

  1. Navigate to the Firmware Compliance display from one of the following locations in HPE OneView:
    • Dashboard > Firmware Compliance
    • Firmware Compliance
    • Individual summary bar graphs under APPLIANCE > Firmware Bundles > Firmware Compliance.
  2. Optional. Filter the data to reflect the information in the report that you want to download.

    The report exports data that is displayed in the view. If filters are applied, then the exported data corresponds to the data obtained after applying those filters.

  3. Click Actions.
    1. Select Download report.
    2. Select the file format from the Format drop-down in the Save Hardware compliance report dialog box.

      The file formats are:

      • Excel Workbook (*.xlsx): This is the default format.

      • CSV (*.csv)

    3. Click OK.
    4. Click Save.

      The data is saved in the local Downloads folder or the location that you choose.

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