Filter firmware updates

HPE OneView enables you to filter the firmware update information and download compliance reports containing your update requirements and preferences. For example, you can filter the data to display only critical updates for interconnects.


Privileges: Available to all users.

  1. Navigate to the Firmware Compliance display from one of the following locations in HPE OneView:
    • Dashboard > Firmware Compliance
    • Firmware Compliance
    • Individual summary bar graphs under APPLIANCE > Firmware Bundles > Firmware Compliance.
  2. Select the Filters icon from the banner bar.
  3. Optional. Click Reset to set the filter criteria to their default values.

    Reset is visible only when there is a selection already in place.

  4. Select the filter criteria on the Filters sidebar.

    Once you set the filters, appropriate firmware updates are listed according to the specified filtered view.

  5. Optional. Sort the displayed updates and their reports by clicking () at the top of a column.

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