Search resources

The banner of every screen includes the Smart Search feature, which enables you to find resource-specific information such as specific instances of resource names, serial numbers, WWNs (World-Wide Names), and IP and MAC addresses.

In general, anything that appears in a resource master pane is searchable.

Smart Search makes locating resources easy, enabling you to inventory or take action on a desired set of devices.

Perhaps you are looking for all resources in a given enclosure or need to find one server using a certain MAC address. Smart Search instantly gives you the information you are seeking.

The default search behavior is to focus on the resource you are currently viewing. However, to broaden the scope of your search across all resources, you must select the option to search Everything, which searches all resources.

Search the current resource

Search all resources

  1. Click in the Smart Search box.

  2. Enter your search text and press Enter.

    The search results are focused in your current location in the UI.

  1. Click in the Smart Search box.

  2. Select Everything.

  3. Enter your search text and press Enter.

Some resources might not include the option to choose between the current resource or everything, in which case the default search is for everything.

When you start entering, search suggestions are provided based on pattern matching and previously entered search criteria.

  • You can either select a suggestion (the screen displays data containing that selection) or click Enter.

  • If your search term is a resource, then the list of resources in a master pane is filtered to match your search input.

  • Enter complete words or names as your search criteria. Partial words or names might not return the expected results.

  • If you enter multiple words and search, results show matches for all the words you enter.

  • If a search term contains space then enclose it in double quotes ().

The search results are organized by the object type. Select an item and navigate to it.


The Smart Search feature does not search the help system. To learn how to search the UI help, see Search help topics.

The most recent filter selection is displayed in the Smart Search box.

Advanced searching and filtering with properties

Example of advanced filtering syntax

Search results

By model name:


model:"ProLiant BL460c Gen8"

model:"VC 8Gb 20-Port FC Module"

All hardware that matches the model number and name.

By name or address:



An enclosure with the name enclosure10.

name:", PDU 1"

A power delivery device with the name, PDU 1.


A list of physical machines whose IP addresses begin with 192.0.2.


A list of physical machines for which the host name is mysystem.

By health status:



All resources that are in a critical state.

For other health status values, see Activity statuses.

By associated resource:



All networks that are of Ethernet network types.

By user role:


roles:"network administrator"

All users (by name) assigned with the Network administrator role.

For other values for role, see About user roles.

By owner:



All resources and messages owned by the Infrastructure administrator.

By date:



Created within the last 7 days.

Refine results by combining properties:

A space character between two similar object types operates as a logical OR.


model:"ProLiant BL460c Gen8" model:"ProLiant BL460c Gen9"

All hardware that are ProLiant BL460c Gen8 or ProLiant BL460c Gen9.

status:Critical status:Warning

All resources that are in either a critical or warning state.

associatedresourcecategory:ethernet-networks associatedresourcecategory:network-sets

All messages that are either in ethernet-networks or network-sets resource categories.

Example: name:"Encl1, bay 12" name:"Encl1, bay 9"

The translated index query is name:'Encl1, bay 12' OR name:'Encl1, bay 9'. This means that you can filter all the enclosures that are either in bay 12 or bay 9 in the search.

A space character between two dissimilar object types operates as a logical AND.


owner:Administrator firmware

All activities owned by the Administrator and related to firmware.

NTP status:critical

All critical messages related to NTP.

status:unknown state:locked owner:Administrator

All messages with unknown status, having a locked state, and owned by Administrator.

Example: name:"Encl1, bay 12" status:OK

The translated index query is name:'Encl1, bay 12' AND status:OK. This means that you can filter all the enclosures in bay 12 that have OK status.

Search and Email Filter adds an implicit AND for a space between two dissimilar objects and OR for a space between two similar objects in the search string. status:Critical status:Warning

All messages with either a Critical or Warning status and related to the resource

associatedresourcecategory:power-devices status:warning status:critical

All Critical or Warning messages for the power devices resource category.

NOT operation


A space character between two similar object types, prefixed with a NOT term, operates as a logical AND.


Example: NOT name:"Encl1, bay 1" NOT name:"Encl1, bay 3"

The translated index query is NOT name:'Encl1, bay 1' AND NOT name:'Encl1, bay 3'

Although, the object types have similar property name(name), the space character operates as a logical AND. This is because the object type is prefixed with the NOT term.

category:alerts status:critical state:active NOT alertTypeID:trap.cpqFca2AccelBatteryFailed

All messages with a Critical status except the messages that apply to alertTypeID:trap.cpqFca2AccelBatteryFailed

More Information

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