About hypervisor cluster profiles

A hypervisor is software deployed on a server node that creates and runs virtual machines. Hypervisors are clustered to ensure high availability, to optimize resource utilization, and to be fault tolerant. A hypervisor cluster profile enables you to deploy and manage a cluster of hypervisors running on servers managed by HPE OneView and orchestrates consistent configuration on cluster of server nodes to share the same workload.

A hypervisor cluster profile and the associated server profile template are used to define a consistent configuration from server nodes to hypervisors in the cluster. The server profiles define physical server configurations for server nodes in the cluster, which are derived from hypervisor cluster profile and the associated server profile template. The hypervisor profiles define network and storage configurations for hypervisors in the cluster, which are derived from hypervisor cluster profile. Hypervisor network and storage configurations in the hypervisor cluster profile are defined based on physical server configuration to ensure consistent configuration from server node to hypervisor.


The server profile template must have a configured connection to the hypervisor management network for the template to be valid for use by a hypervisor cluster profile.

You can import a hypervisor cluster profile. A hypervisor cluster profile configures hypervisors and hypervisor cluster with the help of the hypervisor manager managing them.

The settings defined on the hypervisor manager are displayed in the hypervisor cluster profiles by default. You can override the hypervisor configurations in the hypervisor cluster profiles.

The hypervisor cluster profile helps you manage life cycle operations such as growing or shrinking the cluster, modifying configurations based on needs, consistency checks, and nondisruptive firmware updates on the server nodes. For example, you can grow or shrink a hypervisor cluster by adding or removing hypervisors from the hypervisor cluster profile. Any change in the configuration of the hypervisor cluster profile will be reported as an inconsistency. When inconsistencies are remediated, the changed configurations can be applied on hypervisor cluster and member hypervisors.

A hypervisor cluster profile can manage VMware ESXi-based hypervisor clusters by leveraging VMware vCenter server. A hypervisor cluster must be managed by one instance of HPE OneView to avoid inconsistencies.