About vSAN enabled hypervisor clusters

Starting from HPE OneView 5.0, hypervisor cluster profiles support VMware vSAN enabled ESXi hypervisor clusters. vSAN is implemented directly in the ESXi hypervisor. vSAN creates a single storage pool shared across all hosts in the vSAN cluster and eliminates the need for external shared storage simplifying storage configuration and virtual machine provisioning activities.

You can import a vSAN enabled ESXi hypervisor cluster from vCenter into HPE OneView. You can create the hypervisor cluster profile using HPE Synergy Image Streamer build plan and enable vSAN on the corresponding cluster in vCenter.

  • Enabling and configuring vSAN on ESXi clusters must be done from vCenter.
  • The vSAN network must be created in HPE OneView as a general-purpose network.
  • The vSAN kernel port creation and IP assignment must be done in vCenter.
  • The virtual switch name that is configured in hypervisor cluster profile switch layout for the vSAN network must be the same as the virtual switch name on which vSAN kernel port is configured in vCenter.
  • All vSwitch migration operations from standard vSwitch to distributed vSwitch or vice versa on a vSAN enabled cluster are blocked.

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