About hypervisor managers

You can register a hypervisor manager with HPE OneView by providing hostname and credentials in the Hypervisor Managers user interface. The registered hypervisor manager contains preferences, which are used as default hypervisor or cluster settings during hypervisor cluster profile creation. You can modify the hypervisor manager preferences using the edit operation. You can override these values in a hypervisor cluster profile.

NOTE: To support transfer of information between the hypervisor manager and HPE OneView, use the SSL port for the hypervisor manager.

A valid hypervisor manager certificate must be added to HPE OneView trust store to be able to successfully communicate with a hypervisor manager.

HPE OneView verifies the connectivity with the hypervisor manager at a regular interval of five minutes. Connectivity issues are reported on the hypervisor manager in HPE OneView when connectivity fails despite multiple attempts.

The user must have an infrastructure administrator privilege to register or update the hypervisor manager resource in HPE OneView. You can assign scopes to the hypervisor manager resource in HPE OneView.

Hypervisor manager supports ESXi hosts with IPv4 only or IPv6 only IP addresses. You can add a hypervisor manager with IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, or with FQDN .


To import a IPv6 hypervisor cluster, all the hosts under the cluster must have IPv6 addresses and hypervisor manager must be registered with IPv6 address. Create hypervisor cluster profile operation with IPv6 addresses is not supported. You cannot select deployment plans for the imported clusters with IPv6 addresses.