About unmanaged and unsupported interconnects

Unmanaged interconnects

If you assign an enclosure group (which includes a logical interconnect group) to an enclosure in which the interconnects installed in the enclosure do not match the logical interconnect group, each interconnect reports its state as unmanaged. The physical interconnect configuration in the enclosure must match the logical interconnect group before an interconnect can be managed.

Unsupported interconnects

Unsupported hardware is hardware that the appliance cannot manage.

For c7000, if the appliance detects an interconnect that it does not expect (not defined in the logical interconnect group) or cannot manage, the appliance places it into an inventory state and creates a resource for it, but does not bring it under management. If the location corresponds to the definition in the logical interconnect group, it assigns the interconnect a critical health status and displays an alert with a resolution of replacing the interconnect with a model it can manage. The appliance displays the model name of the unsupported interconnect that it obtains from the OA (Onboard Administrator).