About trunking for the HPE Virtual Connect FC Module

The HPE Virtual Connect 16Gb 24-Port FC Module trunking capability allows for the formation of a single trunk for multiple ports connected from an HPE Virtual Connect 16Gb 24-Port FC Module interconnect to a Brocade top-of-rack (ToR) switch. Trunks allow for improved traffic flow to and from the servers in the enclosure and the data center SAN fabric, as well as nondisruptive failover for port faults.


Trunking for HPE Virtual Connect 16Gb 24-Port FC Module is only available on HPE OneView 4.2 and later.

The formation of a trunk depends on a complete and correct configuration on both the interconnect and the Brocade ToR switch. HPE OneView allows trunking to be enabled on a per uplink set basis, with one trunk per uplink set containing all the ports therein.

When trunking is enabled, the uplink set must conform to additional trunking restrictions:
  • Should contain at least two ports.
  • All ports must have the same selected port speed.

When trunking is disabled, trunking will not be used and the uplink set does not have any additional restrictions.

During a firmware downgrade, trunking will be enabled for all uplink sets.