About canceling a hung firmware update task

NOTE: Canceling a task is disruptive to system operation. Cancel a task only after trying other methods to address the situation.

The Cancel option on the Activity screen allows you to stop a firmware update that is in an unresponsive state. The Cancel option is available only in the following scenarios:

  • When updating firmware with a server profile with the Firmware only option.

  • When a firmware update operation has already begun.

  • When a server hardware becomes unresponsive during a Logical Enclosure firmware update.

Use the Cancel option only as an exception when the task is hung, unresponsive, and the progress bar is not showing progress.

Canceling a task stops all the sub-tasks. However, the parent task of the canceled child task does not close automatically. The parent task enters an Interrupted state.

NOTE: Cancel cannot be used with firmware options that require Smart Update Tools.