Create a logical enclosure support dump file

A logical enclosure support dump file includes content from each member logical interconnect in addition to the content of the appliance support dump. The entire bundle of files is compressed and encrypted for downloading. The consolidated logical enclosure support dump is encrypted as support dump information from the logical interconnects includes proprietary HPE intellectual property.

If instructed to create a support dump from more than one logical enclosure, navigate to each logical enclosure screen individually and create a support dump. You must wait for each support dump to complete before creating a subsequent support dump.

By default, the logical enclosure support dump includes the appliance support dump. If instructed to create a logical enclosure support dump that does not contain the appliance support dump, you must use the logical enclosure REST APIs.

  • Privileges: Server administrator

  • A logical enclosure resource

See About user roles for a description of Server administrator privileges.

  1. From the main menu, select SERVERS > Logical Enclosures, and then select a logical enclosure.
  2. Select Actions > Create logical enclosure support dump.
  3. Click Yes, create to confirm.

    You can continue doing other tasks while the support dump is created in the background. When this task completes, the support dump zip file is downloaded to your browser default download folder, or you are prompted to indicate where to download the file. The logical enclosure support dump file name has the format host_name-LE-name-date-time.sdmp.

  4. Verify the zip file is in the specified file location.
  5. Contact your Authorized technical support for instructions on delivering the support dump file.