Reapply the logical enclosure configuration

Reapply the logical enclosure configuration to reapply the settings of the logical enclosure, including the logical interconnects, to the physical enclosure and interconnects. Reapplying the configuration does not make the logical enclosure consistent with the enclosure group. Reapplying the configuration takes the configuration currently defined in the logical enclosure and applies it to the enclosure. If you want to update the logical enclosure to be consistent with the enclosure group, perform Update the logical enclosure configuration from the enclosure group.

  1. From the Logical Enclosures screen, select the logical enclosure you want to update.
  2. Select Actions > Reapply configuration.
  3. If necessary, review the resources affected by this action.
  4. Click Yes, reapply to confirm.
  5. To verify that the activity is successful, check the activity for a green status in the Notifications area.
  6. If not, follow the proposed resolution listed under Details in the Notifications area.