About firmware associated with a logical interconnect

All components in a logical enclosure must either run the same firmware version or run firmware versions that are compatible to each other. You can select a single HPE Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) and apply it to all components in an enclosure, therefore minimizing the chance of downtime due to firmware incompatibility. You can also apply an SPP to a logical interconnect, which results in all associated interconnects having the same firmware baseline. This operation, by default, updates firmware only on those member interconnects that are running a different version of firmware and ignores the interconnects that are running the same firmware version.

However, if manage manually is selected during an enclosure add, the baseline for the interconnects is Not set. If subsequent firmware updates apply to the enclosure only, the baseline is still shown in HPE OneView as Not set. A baseline can be set for logical interconnect firmware update either when adding the enclosure using the Enclosures screen, or when updating the firmware from the Logical Enclosures screen and selecting Enclosure + logical interconnect + server profiles. If a baseline for logical interconnect is never set, the firmware for the enclosure must be managed manually.