Activate the firmware for update from logical interconnect

During staging for later activation, the firmware is written (uploaded) into the secondary flash memory of the interconnect but is not activated. You need to activate the staged firmware for it to become the new firmware baseline. A failure while staging the firmware on one or more interconnects automatically ends the firmware update operation.

Both the current firmware baseline and the installed or staged firmware versions are displayed for each interconnect on the NETWORKING > Logical Interconnects screen.

  • Privileges: Network administrator or Infrastructure administrator

  • At least one enclosure with two interconnects added that are configured to use Ethernet and at least one logical interconnect

    At least one enclosure with two interconnects added and at least one logical interconnect

  • Previously staged firmware

  1. From the main menu, select NETWORKING > Logical Interconnects, and then select the logical interconnect to manage its firmware.
  2. Select Actions > Update firmware.
  3. For Update action, select Activate firmware.
  4. Select the firmware activation method and delay for the interconnects on which to activate firmware. See Update firmware for more information.

    For Odd/Even or Serial activation, Ethernet modules are updated first, then Fibre Channel modules. Fibre Channel modules will not start until all Ethernet modules are activated.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Check the Activity screen to determine if the firmware update action was completed.
  7. To verify that the firmware version was installed after the firmware is activated, select the Firmware view and compare the Installed and Baseline version number.