About port monitoring

Port monitoring enables you to analyze Ethernet traffic passing through monitored ports by mirroring the traffic from one port to another port on one switch or a switch connected to a network analyzer. The Network analyzer port is used to analyze the mirrored traffic.

Port monitoring is supported only on a physical port and applied only to a downlink port. You can configure port monitoring on a logical interconnect only with the interconnect modules that are in configured state. The physical interconnect modules of a logical interconnect contain all the port monitoring configurations. To configure port monitoring, specify one or more source ports along with a destination port. The destination port is also known as mirror-to port (MTP).

The MTP receives a copy of the ingress or egress traffic as configured on monitored source ports. The monitored port mirrors the ingress or egress traffic. To monitor the Ethernet traffic direction from a source port, select one of the following options:
  • To server: To monitor only ingress traffic.
  • From server: To monitor only egress traffic.
  • Both: To monitor both ingress and egress traffic.

Port monitoring helps you to mirror traffic from server ports when the physical access to the network interface on the server is limited.

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